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About Lorraine Valente



Lorraine Valente, RMT, ACH, M.S., is an A.D.H.D specialist, relationship coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, holisitic health consultatant, motivational and inspirational speaker, spiritual intuitive counselor, and author. Lorraine guides people of all ages and walks of life develop strategies to attract, grow, and retain meaningful and long lasting relationships.

As a freelance writer, her articles have been published in spiritual magazines and blogs; discussing health, love, addiction, and relationships. Her research has is presented here and offered through presentation. She has been a conference speaker on the topic of Borderline Personality Disorder, Karmic Relationships, and Addictive Behaviors and Internet Relationships.  Her past courses on Tarot Symbolism and trending topics in natal assessments will be offered online in the Fall. Lorraine also teaches Reiki Levels I & II to adults and children.

Committed to her own personal growth, Lorraine continues ongoing academic, spiritual, and metaphysical studies, volunteer programs, and apprenticeships to deepen and expand her personal, as well as professional knowledge and experience.

Lorraine offers an eclectic blend of experience as an A.D.H.D specialist, relationship life coach, writer, speaker, and intuitive empath to empower, respect, and support each individual's personal growth, beliefs, and concerns.

Professional: A.D.H.D. , Relationships, Career, Family, Health, Addictive Behaviors. Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Parts Therapy, and Past Life Regression. 

Mind-Body, Energy: Usui Reiki, Body-work, EFT, Guided Imagery~Visualization, Meditation, Mindfulness, Essential Oils.

Metaphysical: Psychic/ Intuitive, Personality Assessment, Life Path Numerology, Tarot Synthesis, Shamanism, Gemstones, Handwriting Analysis, Runes, Animal and Plant Wisdom.

Lorraine Valente

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